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I feel like I should tell you about this or else I wouldn't be a good friend

I’m the type of guy that uses my cell phone for everything. Because of that, I need it to have a charge at all times. To make sure this is a reality, I like to buy extra charging cables to have with me at all times…but not the $20 or $30 ones you can buy from the AT&T/Verizon/etc stores. I buy from Monoprice! Because they’re so cheap, I’ll buy a 10 ft for next to my bed, a 3 ft for the car, a 6 ft for my laptop backpack and a 3 ft for the office.

Want to know how cheap they are? I just bought a 6 ft and a 10 ft for my crummy new phone for a total of $4.85. Yes, that includes shipping and handling. NEVER buy the cables at a store—the mark-up on them is ridiculous. Monoprice.com also has cheap HDMI cables, A/V cables, networking cables…you name it. For cheap. Check it out.



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