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Follow-up to my “quick” Monday post

Updates to this:

  • My phone is official gone. Houston Metro has told me every day this week that they’ve received nothing fitting the description of my Droid. Tuesday I ordered a pre-owned model from Verizon in order to not spend $500+ on a no-contract phone. I won’t talk about the phone in detail, but it’ll hold me over for the next few months until my contract allows me to upgrade with discounts. My Droid was the sickest phone I ever owned—it’s deeply missed.
  • The speeding ticket? POOF! I’ve followed up with the small town police department at least once a week since I ‘earned’ it, and the nice lady on the phone finally said today: "Well… Since that was three weeks ago and we still don’t have it in our system, I’m gonna go ahead and write you up a letter saying disregard the ticket. We don’t issue a lot of citations here, so to not have it by now means the officer chose not to file it." YESSSS! That’s right, because there’s no way you clocked me doing 80-something, Mr. Officer!
  • Still can’t get comfortable at my desk. C’moooooooon recovery process!

Flying out to Kansas City tonight! Can’t wait for the frigid temperatures…it’s been a little too warm here in Texas lately.



  1. conclusiveevidence said: it is never too warm in texas. tsk tsk, yo.
  2. brookebutler said: TOO warm? there’s no such thing as too warm! sorry about your phone. i’m still running on a dinosaur of one. it calls and texts, and i’m cool with that. haha.
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